Well it is now what we call at SCOTTY BROWNS "the end of the season". It has been an amazing summer, our first full summer in 3 years after all the horrors of the past few years. People, you, seem to be in great spirits and great shape too. Loads of you have got on the "trim down" wagon and are looking amazing!

The shop will close again over our most horrid month to Celebrate the 100th EDITION of the TOUR DE FRANCE. The store closes for a well deserved break for my amazing team from Monday 1st July and we reopen Monday22nd Monday... I will keep you posted!

Jess and I embark on the bike race of a lifetime on May 14th to the SCOTTY BROWN experience tour, to the NEW YORK GRAN FONDO. Go visit www.granfondony.com and see what you can be part of in 2014. 177km and 2500mtrs of climbing on super smooth amazing roads in the most exciting city in the world! Don't worry, you will hear all about it soon. BOOK FOR 2014 ASAP, limited spots!


So what's been going on?

You might have noticed I have dropped a few pounds. How? To be honest, I changed my diet. Looking back my diet was a disaster! Diet coke, lattes, sugar. Now I start my day with super food spinach smoothie every morning, no sugar, loads of water. 80% diet change and now exercising almost every day. What a change! I was inspired by a client to get off sugar, she said how bad it is, I googled it and she was right. Any super food, spinach and blueberries are my staples! And heaps n heaps of water. No diet coke now for over 5 months! AMAZING! Also, I have been doing great workshops with corporate company JADE WORLD, check out this amazing VIDEO they did for me! LOVE IT!

I am still taking this amazing group tour to the New York Gran Fondo. There is still time, you only live once, come on..... just push go! Its something I promise you will NEVER regret.

Jess is coming to NYC too for the Fondo. She is training so hard, looking great and working out with Steve D at BODYFIX gym twice a week to become more of a machine.

Simon, you might not know has lost over 20KG since he started working with us. Riding his CARRERA VELENO 4-5 times a week. His wee girl is starting to talk and life’s great!

Tony, the legendary MTB tuner and all round amazing father of gorgeous twins has been building the world best chicken den and getting eggs for us all! Love ya GD! (inside joke)

Aiden is still riding to work every day, and I am sure Amanda is making him walk the dog every other day, Aiden is not a big dog fan, so if you see him on the streets of Halswell where he lives, give him a smile and a toot or a wave, it will seriously help the rest of our day while working with him! If you see him out riding, he’s the one that is FLYING up hills like a pro tour rider!

We have a new addition, after Meg left us to concentrate on school, WE MISS YOU MEG! Bella started at the store this week, making coffee, smiling, cleaning up after me mostly and just being awesome! Bella is a super duper keen cyclist and always sports the SB kit where ever she goes!

New York Gran Fondo

Its official,
The latest and most exciting news for riders that want to experience a cycling trip like nothing ever offered before is here! The 2013 Scotty Brown trip of a lifetime to the 2013 Gran Fondo New York in May.  To me, New York City is the best city in the world, travelling there for over 15 years and having a love for the vibrancy, buzz, shopping and lifestyle offering this trip to you gives me goose bumps! The NYC Gran Fondo is a 160Km bike race that starts on the exclusively closed iconic George Washington bridge and winds north on closed roads following the Hudson river through the stunning country side of NY state and finishes with breathtaking views of Manhattan island and the New York City skyline at Weehawken. Oh and youll be part of the 7000 entrants!
This trip is part cycling part lifestyle. We are staying in mid town NYC, at a boutique hotel close to the most famous NYC attractions. But let me make this very clear, this is a trip as much for your partner or friend as it is for the rider! NYC offers the best shopping known to man, we will be there in sale season, offering the best purchaes you’ll ever find while enjoying an exchange rate that has never been seen before. The itinerary offers the ins and outs of this one off trip, but rest assured, this is a couples dream. While we are riding the loops of the iconic central park, your partner can enjoy the tastes of the city.
Yes, we are going to ride the stunning NY Gran Fondo, but this is more than that, this is a lifestyle experience. We live NYC, shop NYC, eat NYC, see the attractions together or alone and you’ll have your own time to breath and enjoy this city while taking part in an event that truly is taking place the the greatest city in the world. A trip for you to enjoy your own space, at your own pace or choose to get together with some other kiwis and venture into a world that is truly New York City.
Spaces VERY limited. The price is remarkably affordable. Inc a fabulous welcome dinner, tickets to the GFNY, transfers, internal fights, exclusive entry to the GFNY, a NYGF race jersey, race pack, ticket to the NYC bike expo, and daily Scotty Brown excitement like shopping on canal road in chinatown, shopping in SOHO, visiting the World trade centre, catching a NYC subway to Brooklyn for dinner, daily rides round stunning Central park, visiting the empire state building, eating at the Asia de Cuba made famous in sex and the city, even catching a Broadway show and possibly watching a live filming of the David Letterman show.  You want bang for buck? You got it!
You only live once. Life’s not a dress rehearsal!


The physical and mental practices of yoga can help them prevent injuries, improve their performance, and bring a whole new dimension of awareness and joy to the sports you love.


Running, cycling, and swimming use rhythmic, repetitive motion over long distances - they can be deeply meditative. But the downside of this action from a physical point of view is that the continuous cycles of repetitive motion tax one set of muscles while underutilizing the rest. 

Over time and distance, this creates muscular imbalances that can lead to misalignment and injury.


Lunges are a way for runners to release the hip flexors in their back legs while stretching and strengthening the hamstrings of their front legs. And because the shape of a lunge mimics the runner's stride,  it is a good way for runners to examine their alignment and balance.


Cyclist develop similar kinds of imbalances. Because they are constantly in a crouched position on the bike, their quads and gluteus muscles tend to be strong, but their hip flexors are tight and weak.  Yoga opens the hips up and strengthens the surrounding muscles, which can prevent injury.


In Cycling- the body becomes contracted, with the shoulders and the back rounding forward.

Most of us already have a somewhat forward-leaning posture, simply from daily-life activities like sitting at a desk. Assuming a similar position while running or cycling exacerbates the contraction and can lead to back pain and postural issues. 

Poses like Anjaneyasana (Low Lunge) that open the front body, including the hip flexors.

Yoga offers athletes another tool for preventing injuries:  Increased body awareness – you feel your body. 

When Athletes hold poses for 10-20 breaths – they develop body awareness.  By doing this, they learn how the body feels when uninjured and are more aware of warning signs ( pain, twinges that can signal injury.

As you stand in a lunge – scan your body, and release muscles in this post that feel tense.  You will then be able to repeat this on the court, track or bike.  As you ride/run – do a continuous self-check.  Just as you learn to watch the road ahead mirrors, speedometer – you can run an internal monitoring on how your body ‘feels’.  Use this interconnectivity as a tool.

By practicing mindfulness on your mat, athletes can learn to be present with many sensation as they  work through periods of frustration, discomfort, boredom, anxiety, resistance – while training and competing.   It’s all about finding calm in the midst of dynamic stress. 

Yoga gives you the ability to work through these emotions on a regular basis.


Breathe:   Shallow breathing stimulates the Sympathetic Nervous System – which makes you anxious and zaps energy. 

Finding a steady even breath during asana, will help you find the same breath during endurance and competition.

Ujjayi Pranayama while training triggers the Parasympathetic Nervous System, establishing calm, and brings the mind into a steady Alpha state.   When you run with your iPod – you are distracted – and yet there is so much inside to pay attention to.

Focus on breath and you will never be bored.

Regular Ujjayi breath can enhance your athletic performance by allowing you to exert yourself more efficiently. Exhaling with Ujjayi creates a meditative calm during activity.  That is what yoga is about – learning how to be still and dynamic at the same time. 


By Rhonda from THRIVE YOGA